Employee onboarding
video introductions
for remote teams

Increase retention. More referrals. Get new hires oriented, comfortable, and thriving 10x faster. New Teammate is an onboarding experience for new employees where they meet coworkers through video introductions.

New Teammate Interface

What does your new hire’s
look like right now?

The most
efficient and
way to get new hires up to speed

The old, in-office playbook doesn’t cut it anymore.
There is no water cooler.
There are no meeting rooms.

Going remote unlocks more
ownership, flexibility, and productivity,
but only if we adapt.

New Teammate was designed for the modern era of remote work. Bring on new employees in a way that sets the tone for how your company operates. Let them see how supportive and engaged your teams are. Let them meet friendly faces right away. They’ll see an organization that is productive, committed, and passionate.

Boost retention and satisfaction

New employees will immediately recognize the investment you’ve made in them. Create an onboarding package that demonstrates appreciation, productivity, and excitement.

Eliminate or improve meet-and-greets

A searchable directory puts everyone’s intro at their fingertips. Save time by replacing meetings, or simply make them more effective by getting everyone warmed up.

Easy management

Adding new teammates and choosing whose introductions will play during onboarding is a piece of cake. Monitor progress or just let New Teammate’s automations take over.

Unlock connections

A collection of optional profile fields help teammates get to know each other. Customize questions to suit your company’s work environment.

How it works

Create Teams Add each person to their team (Product, Sales, etc).
Record Videos Employees record introduction videos to help new teammates get to know their work style and personality.
Prepare When setting up a new hire, choose who they should meet and in what order. A personal onboarding link is prepared.
New Employee’s First Day A new email arrives with their link. They kick back and autoplay the intro videos while learning names, pronounciations, and team roles.
Their Turn New employees can create an introduction video of their own that’s shared back with everyone.
Waving Hi

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all of my employees have to participate?
What’s the time commitment for each employee?
Can I customize my video introductions?

Free to get started

New Teammate is free for small teams, so try it out with a few people. Have someone pretend to be a new employee and watch how an onboarding package created with New Teammate will be a complete game-changer for your organization.